Alaya International

We Create Solutions That Matter

In an ever more complex world it's important to stay ahead of your digital assets and possibilities. That's why we are here for you.

Our mission is to make your transition to digital uncomplicated and easy


Digital Assets Consultations

Understand your digital assets and their possibilities. We'll show you how

Social Media

You want to be visible across all platforms? Our SoMe team is here to make that happen

Website & App Development

You have an idea for an application or platform? We'll turn your idea into a product

Creative Ideas Brainstorming

You have the best idea for a campaing ever? We'll help you turn it into a wold class act

Awesome Things About Tech

The world we live in is becoming more complex by the day and it's often times tough to keep up with it. However tech can be a beautiful creation tool for all your ideas. Be it a website, and app, a campaign for lollipops or something else.

Society evolved more in the last 100 years than all previous decades combined due to technology...

Why shouldn't you too?


What We Are Good At

We are good at quite many things but our specialty lays with digital tools. Our team combined has over 50+ years of work experience in various niches. From tech, over marketing, to product creation.

If you can imagine it we can make it with the advanced tools available right now

  • Marketing & SEO
  • Websites
  • Graphics Design
  • E-Commerce Stores
  • Photo/Video Creation
  • Mobile Applications

Our Services

You have no idea where to start? We got you covered for every step of your journey of digitalizing your business. We are here for your needs.

Why Choose Us

Alaya International was founded to assist people transition into the vast digital world. We made it our top priority to provide our clients with the best advice and solutions available so that they are satisfied.

You Are Important To Us

We approach each client with the same level of commitment and dedication so they can focus on things they are passionate about. Nothing else

Your Success Is Our Success

We see it as our top priority to help your succeed and dedicate our time and effort to assist you with that. No job is too small or too big.

Your Input Matters Too

We involve all our clients in every process along the way. We believe in teamwork and treat every client as part of our team. Inclusion is key.


Outstanding Digital Solutions

We'll make sure you stand out in ever way possible and that your business is growing the way it is supposed to. For that we employ a vast number of tools and solutions for the best results possible.

Best Practices

We always strive to use best practices for and with our clients to help them achieve their goals and ideas. For that we invest a lot of time and resources into developing our skills.

Super Reliable

We will make sure that every solution you need is created with your best interest in mind. Now and forever.

High Quality

We never compromise the quailty of our work for something else. Quality will always be our highest value.

Optimal Solutions

Whichever solution you need we'll make sure that it is the best one available for you and your business.


Easy Onboarding

Digital solutions can often be confusing ever after they are created. We made sure to always be there for our clients for an easy onboarding and explaining the assets.

Introduction Session

Whatever we create for you we'll make sure that you understand it properly. Even after our job is done you'll understand how it works.

Dedicated Team Member

One of our team members will always be available to you if you should have any questions regarding the assets we create.

Continuous Support

Should there ever be a time where you don't understand something or wish to just discuss future options we are always available for our clients.


Latest Technology

Technology advances rapidly and every new invention brings something new with it. We are always keeping ourselves up to date with tecnology to deliver best resuts possible.


Technology helps us to keep your website modern, sleek looking and most importantly safe.

Mobile Applications

With new trends in technology there is always something new to develop. We keep your apps up to date.


Payments are a big painpoint for every e-commerce store. Our team keeps track of new payment platforms and looks for the best solution for you.


Connecting The Dots

Understanding what you want or need is sometimes the trickiest part about a transformation. We help you to figure that out too. Our team is here to listen and advise your every step along the way.


Before we start making something we like to understand our clients. Therefore we always practice free brainstorming sessions before.

Next Steps

We like roadmaps really much and we always create them together with our clients so they can always be in the loop about everything.

Back To The Future

Even after our work is done we assist our clients with suggestions and things they can do in the future to optimize their business and digital assets.


Data Is King

To understand your niche you need data. Analytics tools are a nightmare for most people staring out. We are here to help and explain you every part bit by bit so you have control over it and can use it.

Social Media Analytics

Every Social Media platform has their own analytics about a vast nubmer of things. We'll help you understand what they mean.

Analytics Tools

We'll implement all tools for you and help you navigate through them with ease. Trust us they just seem scary, but they are your friend.

Understand The Numbers

Percentage, location, age, education, sex and other metrics have all the answers to your questions. We'll help you understand them all.


Our Expert Team

Our team is the backbone of everything we do. We are proud of all the achievements and results they diplayed so far and are looking forward to new challenges.


Ismar Lačević

The "is it done" dude

Menil Vuković

The IT Sensei

Benjamin Bajramović

The Marketing Guru

Enes Crvčanin

The "Photoshop Me A Sixpack" Virtuoso

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Browse through our FAQ section and get to know us better. Should there be something you can't find feel free to reach out to us at

  • How long does it take to create something?

    Although it depends on the service it usually takes up to 14 days for services excluding websites and apps. Those take a while longer.

  • How much do services cost?

    For everything we do we implement the optimal cost-output ratio for our clients and never charge absurd amounts for services. We understand the economy and situation.

  • Does the price go up as my business gets larger?

    Definetely no! We charge equally for all services regardless of the team size or income of the company. It's on a fair basis.

  • What if something is not doable?

    Although we believe that our team can create anything the client wants we do work with other companies to deliver everything the client asks of us. So far we work(ed) with 12 other companies for special services.

  • When am I getting charged?

    We have the practice that the client is charged only after we complete everything and the client is satisfied with the results. No payment up front or charging partialy.